Coteau rougemont, a family story

Because the apple never falls far from the tree, the Robert family, well rooted in Rougemont for decades, made their dream come true and brought together their passion for wine and their experience in apple growing to create Coteau Rougemont.

Vignoble et cidrerie Coteau Rougemont - Bannière histoire de famille

The Robert family

When the Robert family acquired this enchanting site, they were unknowingly realizing an old dream of Rosario, father of Claude and grandfather of Michel, Julie and Isabelle. A trucker and apple grower, Rosario would stop his truck on top of the hill to admire the view and cherished the desire to own this orchard and be able to enjoy this view at his leisure. It is with the same values ​​of the earth that Claude approached his children to share his dream, his vision. Together, the family decided to acquire this large orchard and plant a few thousand vines there in order to embark on the fabulous adventure of viticulture. This is how the Coteau Rougemont vineyard was born in 2007. From the planting of the first vines to today, the development of the vineyard has been done in a spirit of quality and pride.

Vignoble et cidrerie Coteau Rougemont - Famille Robert

Our vision

Born from an unconditional love of wine and cider from all angles, the Coteau Rougemont vineyard nourishes its reason for being first and foremost through the quality of its products. Of 100% Quebec origin, from a rich history, the vision of the vineyard is very simple, to offer quality products around which unforgettable moments are created. The health of the vines, the monitoring of the harvests, the rigor applied in the different stages of winemaking, the passion and love of wine are characteristics perceptible when tasting a Coteau Rougemont product. Viticulture techniques are always questioned to ensure the consistency and quality of the products.

Vignoble et cidrerie Coteau Rougemont - homme dans les vigne avec son chien

A team story

Because every story begins with a beginning, it was the Robert family, during the first presses, who took turns to monitor the fermentation, day and night. Little by little, several enthusiasts joined the team and contributed to the story. It is by putting their expertise to work that the vineyard has become what it is today, a reference for Quebec cider and wine.

Vignoble et cidrerie Coteau Rougemont - Équipe dans le vignoble

From yesterday to today

First vine

It was in 2008 that the Robert family took action and planted their first Frontenac gris vine.

First bottle and distinctions

In 2010, the dream came true. The first bottling is inaugurated. Since then, our products have won a multitude of awards and distinctions.

Arrival at the SAQ

A turning point in Coteau Rougemont, the products are now available to the general public in SAQs in Quebec.

First million bottles sold

It was in 2017 that the vineyard reached its craziest goal, its first million bottles sold.

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