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white slope


Versant blanc 2017, Certified Quebec Wine
I really have a weakness for the red and white of the Versant range. Not that they are hyper complex, but for less than $15, they both offer a frank and fruity expression of the hybrid grape varieties grown in Quebec. This one highlights the liveliness of the vidal, the volume and tropical flavours of the grey frontenac, the berry flavours of the white frontenac and the elegance of the st-pépin. A very good everyday white to be served chilled, but not too cold.

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red slope

Versant rouge 2017, Certified Quebec Wine
In 2017, this blend of frontenac noir, marquette, petite perle, and pinot noir offers everything you would expect from a thirst-quenching red: fruit, supple tannins, a velvety texture, and an acidity that leaves the palate fresh and thirst-quenching. At $15, you can buy it with your eyes closed.

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Chardonnay 2017

Chardonnay 2017, La Plage, Certified Quebec Wine
This Chardonnay from the estate's young vines is fermented without wood, but with sustained contact with the lees. In 2017, it gives a voluminous white wine, full of ripe pear and pineapple, with a hint of butter and pastry aromas, due to the work of the lees. Nothing complex, but for less than $20, a full-bodied, well-made Chardonnay that is worthy of vintages produced elsewhere in the world.

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St Pépin


St-Pépin 2017, Reserve
The Robert family looks after both an orchard and a vast vineyard, which is divided between hybrid varieties and vinifera. Tasted side by side with the vidal Réserve of the estate, this one gave me the impression of a more finished wine. The seedless character seems to benefit more from the ageing in barrels; the aromas of caramel are present, but compete with a mineral structure and a sensation of saltiness which gives it a certain depth.

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pinot gris


Pinot gris 2017, Certified Quebec Wine
The Robert family cultivates its pinot gris on the last slopes of the Rougemont mountain, where it enjoys a southern exposure. This geographical element is no doubt not unrelated to the volume of wine in the mouth that this 2017 vintage will offer. The nose is discreet, but the attack is ripe, fat and nourished by a work of the lees, for lack of structure. Lovely fragrant finish.

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grand coteau


Le Grand Coteau 2016, Vin du Québec Certifié
Marquette (80%) and black frontenac plunge their roots into pebble soils on the southwest slope of Mont Rougemont. Oenologist Patrick Fournier has produced a gourmet red, in which the roasted scents of oak wood blend with a fleshy fruit, ripened to perfection. The style is a bit conventional, but the technical mastery is not in doubt. To be revisited in a year or two, when the woody fragrances have faded. In the meantime, air it out in a carafe for an hour. 

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frontenac gris


Grey Frontenac 2013, Late Harvest
The late harvest of Coteau Rougemont surprises at first glance by its almost brown colour. A bouquet of baked apple and tea leaves announces a wine that is now ready to drink. Perhaps not the most elegant of the sweet wines commented on in these pages, but the mouth is supported by a liveliness and a pleasant bitterness II and that make you salivate. Original; to be drunk within the year.

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ice wine


PGI Ice Wine 2014, Vidal
Golden colour, accents of pineapple, apple and exotic fruits. Ample and creamy in the mid-palate, not especially lively on the attack, but the natural acidity of the vidai tickles the cheeks on the finish, highlighting seductive aromas of caramel and butterscotch. Very well done overall.

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