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The team behind exceptional products

Because without a team of passionate people, Coteau Rougemont would not be what it is today. Because behind each bottle are hidden creative, involved people, full of ideas and united behind one and only passion: create one of a kind local products.



Originally from Bordeaux, Benoit is an oenologist who developed his skills in this region in Grand Cru classé. Eager to improve his skills and discover new terroirs, he then went on to make wine at renowned estates in Napa Valley and British Columbia.

Since the harvest of the 2020 vintage, he is responsible for the proper management of the vineyard and the production of quality wine and cider. Benoit also has expertise in strategy and marketing and is proud to participate with the entire team in promoting the richness of Quebec products and enriching the Coteau Rougemont experience.



A true orchestra conductor, André has been in charge of vineyard and orchard operations for 16 years now. Trained as a mechanic, it was in 2006 that he decided to reorient his career and applied for a job at Coteau Rougemont. He now supervises all activities on the farm year-round,
from production to administration.



Coming from a family of apple growers who have owned orchards since 1955, Raphael grew up in the apple world. He had already joined the team at the very beginning of the adventure by participating in the launching of the project. Afterwards, he devoted his time to the family business, which he took over in 2004.

Since 2021, we are happy to count on Raphael's talent at Coteau Rougemont. An experienced field man, he also has a degree in Farm Management from Saint-Hyacinthe. He is our apple specialist, and he successfully and innovatively produces quality fruit.



Mercedes arrived for the maturation of the 2021 wines and is accompanying Benoit in the vineyard and the cellar. From the reception of the harvest to the bottling, she is in charge of the daily operations in the winery. Her quality of work and her passion for producing quality products are real assets for Coteau Rougemont.

Originally from the Eastern Townships, she grew up among the vineyards. It is therefore quite natural that Mercedes participates in the work of the vineyard. You might even see her on the grape picker during the season!



Louis is the person in charge of the vineyard's sales. He does not hesitate to bring his ideas that are often off the beaten path. He has developed his expertise on Canadian wines over the last 13 years in representation, including 8 years at Coteau Rougemont. A trained sommelier, he is interested in tasting and discovering wines from all over. He loves to cook and share good meals around a good bottle. He is the bon vivant of our team.



Lucie is a fan of interactions with visitors to the boutique. A true fan of Quebec products, it is with a smile that she will make you live the incredible Coteau Rougemont experience.

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