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Les Versants 12,00 $

Versant Blanc (2 oz), Versant Rosé (2 oz), Versant Rouge (2 oz) and Vendange Tardive Vidal (1 oz)  

Our ciders 12,00 $

Pink Raspberry Bubbles (2 oz), Pear Bubbles (2 oz), Apple Bubbles (2 oz), Blueberry & Cherry Cider (2 oz) 

Terroir $16.00

Saint-Pépin (2 oz), Chardonnay La Côte (2 oz), Grand Coteau (2 oz) and Cuvée Hivernale (1 oz)

Liquid 18,00 $

Vendange Tardive Frontenac Gris (1 oz), Vin de Glace Pinot Gris (1 oz), Poiré de Glace (1 oz) and Cidre de Glace Grande Réserve (1 oz) 



Versant Blanc  

Grape varieties: Vidal, Frontenac Blanc. Aromas: Citrus fruits, white flesh fruits. Residual sugar: 2 g/l. 

Vidal Réserve  

Grape variety: Vidal. Aromas: White flowers and a hint of caramel. Residual sugar: 1.5 g/l.

Saint-Pépin Reserve  

Grape variety: Saint Pépin. Aromas: Floral and lemony notes with some toasted notes. Residual sugar: 1.5 /l. 

Chardonnay La Côte  

Grape variety: Chardonnay. Aromas: Pears and roasted hazelnuts. Residual sugar: 1,5 g/l.



Versant Rouge

Grape varieties: Frontenac Noir, Marquette and Petite Perle. Aromas: Black fruits like blueberry and blackberry. In the mouth it is very fruity with soft tannins. Residual sugar: 1.5 g/l.   

The Grand Coteau

Grape varieties: Marquette and Frontenac Noir. Aromas: You will be charmed by its very complex fruity and spicy character. Residual sugar: 1.5 g/l.



Versant Rosé  

Grape varieties: Frontenac Gris, Petite Perle, Vidal. Aromas: Small red fruits and floral notes. Residual sugar: 4 g/l.



Rose Framboise

The aromas of apple and raspberry combine perfectly to give you a first-class aperitif. 



Raspberry, Apple or Pear Fizz  

Taste the fusion of flavours of apples and fruit from our estate. The perfect balance between freshness and roundness.  

Raspberry Pink Bubbles  

Sparkling cider made from the marriage of apple and raspberry. The aromas of these two fruits combine perfectly to offer you a very trendy aperitif! 

Bulles Cidre  

Sparkling cider whose apples have been selected to offer the best of our terroir. The aromas of this sparkling cider make for a very refreshing aperitif! 

Bulles Poiré  

Sparkling pear wine from which the Beauté Flamande pears have been selected to offer the best of our terroir. 

Cider Bleuets et Camerises  

A very refreshing cider that conveys all the energy of the cherry. The cherries come from the Cammia orchards in Rougemont and the blueberries from Lac Saint-Jean. 



Cuvée Hivernale Fortifiée  

Grape variety: Frontenac Noir. Aromas: Blueberries and black fruits combined with a tasty blend of spices. 

Vin de Glace Frontenac Noir

Grape variety: Frontenac Noir. Aromas: Blackcurrant, blackberry and blueberry.   

Vidal Late Harvest

Grape variety: Vidal. Hand-picked in late autumn. Aromas of citrus, exotic fruits, honey and quince.  

Frontenac Gris Vendange Tardive  

Grape variety: Frontenace Gris. Aromas: Citrus fruits, honey, quince. This wine pleases on the palate with its freshness and balance.   

Pinot Gris Vin de Glace  

Grape variety: Pinot Gris. It has a bright golden colour with aromas of honey, grapefruit, pear, lime blossom and touches of marmalade.   

Cidre de Glace

This cider is rich and complex with aromas of exotic fruits, sweet spices, caramel and candied fruits.   

Cidre de Glace Grande Réserve

Beautiful aromatic complexity combined with elegance. A memorable taste experience. 

Poiré de Glace

An interpretation of this noble fruit after its passage through the winter cold. It is a very greedy perry. A dessert in itself. 

Ice Raspberry

Our Framboise de glace is the result of the marriage of apple and raspberry. The nose is ample, with aromas of confectionery, raspberries and candied fruits.  

Heart of Frost  

Coeur de Glace is a combination of ice cider and apple brandy. Its notes of spices, custard and caramel are the perfect accompaniment to the end of your meal. 

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